I was thrilled to represent 5Church in the first annual TACO TEQUILA KOMBAT ATL 2017.

It was a very last minute thing, but I was still really happy to be a part of it. I met some cool people in the process and I can't wait to go to the finale on May 8th at Truman Tavern.

My cocktail submission was muddled cilantro, Szechuan peppercorn simple syrup, Lemon juice, a single drop of my BEAST MODE TINCTURE and of course Lunazul Tequila.

The formula was assembled back in March, and left to set for about 2 months. In a small jar, I combined Red Pepper Flakes, Szechuan Peppercorn, a bit of Cilantro, Gentian Root and Everclear.

The end result was FIRE.

It's extreme spice is amazing, but the numbing effect the peppercorns added to the formula was the real fun of this experiment. Sadly the Gentian Root didn't stand up to the spices in the mix so really it's more Tincture than Bitters, but the surprise of the numbing effect more than makes up for it. I do need to amend the label as a tincture, but this is the label I used for the competition.

A single drop is all you need. Trust me.

I carry this tincture in my trusty bar bag so come get a taste!

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