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Four Roses Campaign

This past year or so, I have been focusing on my career as a professional Bartender. I am very pleased with the progress I've made, but as with any passion, it's a full time preoccupation. I decided to try to directly target Four Roses Bourbon by making drinks, and tagging them on social media. I figured the best way to catch their attention and stand out would be to go several days in a row, to pepper their feed with my name.

This is my Four Roses Campaign.

A Four Roses Old Fashioned served neat.


Four Roses Old Fashioned served neat.

Shared on Instagram and Facebook

  • gretabuccellato My absolute favorite drink.....a Old Fashioned served neat. @fourrosesbourbon. #Delicious#mysundayfunday #5churchatlanta#southernpandemonium#colonysquareatlanta #fourrosesbourbon #handcraftthemoment



Four Roses Raspberry Shandy

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Also tagged the local beer company that I used, Scofflaw beer. Double prizes!

  • gretabuccellatoManic Monday Raspberry Shandy with @fourrosesbourbon and @scofflawbeer Sneaky Wheat. A warm weather shandy with a raspberry twist. The orange and spice notes in the Sneaky Wheat play nicely off of the Raspberry and Lemon. #southernpandemonium #5churchatlanta#fourrosesbourbon #scofflawbrewing#scofflawbeer. #shandys #manicmondays#day2



The 5Church Floating Garden. Shared on Instagram and Facebook



This was the most successful, and interesting day by far. It was my day off, and I decided to do a outside photo shoot for the cocktail I had in mind. Being the peak of pollen season in Georgia, I decided to make a Bees Knees using what little Four Roses I had left. I wanted my Bees Knees to really stand out so I had made a specialty tincture earlier in the week using local Raw bee pollen.

Bee Pollen has been used for centuries as a food and medicinal alternative substance. It is often called "Nature's Perfect Food" and a "Super Food" because it is 40% protein and contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. Vitamins A, C, E, B3, B5, B6, B12, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Potassium and Sulfur to name a few. No question, Bee Pollen has become a popular nutritious supplement for many, but pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with serious allergies should probably skip it.


I was sneezy, watery eyed, and nearing the end of my time outside trying to get a good picture to send to Four Roses to end my campaign, when I got a unexpected visitor.

I apologize for the terrible video quality, I bought the phone for storage, not the camera. But STILL! My son and dog were both outside with me as I was trying to get a good shot, and when the bee came over I started squealing like a little girl. So we decided it was best to put the video to music, and being that it looks like I shot the video in the 70's, we went retro with the music.

We got some really nice still photos too, but the video is the real winner even despite it's quality.


Shared on Instagram and Facebook

  • gretabuccellatoThe Bee Charmer: Four Roses Bourbon HomeTown Honey Lemon juice Southern Pandemonium Local Bee Pollen tincture Garnished with Lusterdust coated Raw bee pollen and a Honeycomb chunk #day4 #southernpandemonium#fourrosesbourbon #beecharming#5churchatlanta #colonysquareatlanta#hometownhoney #thisismydayoff#apismellifica

Hopefully Four Roses will love the video just as much as I do. And in the end, I was really glad I took the time to try this experiment out, because that video is awesome. Cue the golf clap.

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