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Get To Know High Museum of Art Highball Competitor, Greta Buccellato {5Church Atlanta}

Greta Buccellato

Photo credit: Gannon

Thursday, I traveled down to Midtown to meet another competitor in the High Museum of Art’s mixology competition, Highball. Greta Buccellato will be representing 5Church Atlanta as she presents a delicious cocktail inspired by the beauty of lavender. As I arrived to the restaurant, I stepped through the doors and was instantly in awe at how amazing it was. There was writing all over the ceiling. I didn’t know what it said, but it seemed pretty intense. Later I was informed that over the course of 3 months an artist very patiently wrote the entire Art of War book on the ceiling. Wow! With such a dramatic atmosphere, you can’t help be inspired in some way.

When Greta arrived, I instantly felt like I had met her before. The previous week was extremely busy for me. I had attend two other competitions last week, one of which was one she had participated in. I had actual took her picture that night with her beautiful cocktail. With that I was excited to start the interview.

Marietta, Georgia native, Greta Buccellato, started bartending 9 years ago drawn to the life of money, alcohol, and a nonstop party. She started her career in dive bars around town, constantly fine tuning her skills, leading to her current home at 5Church. When she’s not mixing craft cocktails at 5Church, you can find her “in the kitchen, f@$king around with herbs and syrups” making soaps for online store, Southern Pandemonium. This mixologist never stops creating! Snag a ticket to Highball to get a taste of her latest creation!

Rapid Fire Q&A

What time did you get up this morning?

4:30 AM

What did you have for dinner last night?

Baked chicken.

1st alcohol that touched your lips.


Name a cocktail you make for someone you want to impress someone

Old Fashioned

Describe your job in one word.


Describe your job in one cocktail.

A Straight Shot

Name a historic person you would like to make a drink for.

Charlie Chapman

What would you make?

Atl Alchemist

Popcorn or potato chips?

Potato Chips

If you could drink one cocktail every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

Shots of gin.

What’s your mixologist superpower?

Element of surprise

Ginger ale or ginger beer?

Ginger beer

Mimosas or Bloody Mary?


If you were a flavor of ice cream, what would you be?

Butter Pecan

Favorite menu item at 5 Church.

Charred Octopus

Best midnight snack.

Chili Cheese Dog

Disney Princess you would like to make a drink for?


5 words to describe yourself.

Quiet,Creative, Impathetic, Awkward, Giver

Advice for aspiring bartenders.

YouTube! Watch YouTube tutorials. And find a mentor.

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