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Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a creative person, and I thought I was a pretty good bartender.

Until my preparation for the 2016 USBG George Dickel Competition.

I started researching the whisky itself and it's origins, the man behind the whisky, the flavour on the pallete, the nose. I immersed myself. As I rambled around the internet, I started checking out what my competition might bring to the table. I'm talking about the ever intimidating Molecular Mixology.

Some of the advanced techniques our local Atlanta talent are using is nothing short of amazing. I watched my screen in awe as I watched mixologists utilize foams, gels, powders, cocktail spheres, vaporizers and it was nothing short of alchemy.

I envied their talent,

and I started taking a hard look at my own skill set,

I know how to make homemade bitters, infused alcohols, cool garnishes and such,

But I've never really pushed myself to learn those advanced techniques mostly because I've always worked in a typical neighborhood bars. My customers typically include your everyday Joe who wants a PBR and a whiskey after a long day at work, the woman who just wants to unwind

with a Chardonnay, maybe get crazy and have a Cosmo.

I realized that I had failed my customers.

It is my job as a bartender (especially in a neighborhood bar) to translate and integrate all these incredible techniques into something that's not intimidating to the average customer. So next time Joe orders a whiskey, I'll offer him a fat-wash infused whiskey, or ask his female counterpart if she would prefer to try a French Cosmo.

Modern mixology is NOT just for hipsters, its for the people.

Here's to you.

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