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Friends of the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue

This amazing organization is living proof that a guy with a good idea, heart and a little help, can make a huge impact on the community. Please check it out in the link below!

Friends of the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue

Founded in 2009, Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Inc. is a volunteer-based 501(c)3 rescue and community outreach organization. Our mission is to promote responsible pitbull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, fight unfair legislation, find qualified homes for sound pitbull-type dogs and other dogs in need in Georgia, and help people and animals within our community.

"My style of rescue is a little different than most. I rescue with my heart, and not with my pocket. I never wanted to start my own rescue – I did not want to deal with the bureaucracy that is usually associated with the industry. To this day, I do what I can for the dogs. I started Friends to the Forlorn for them." - Jason Flatt, FTTF Founder

If you take the time to browse through this organizations website, you can quickly see the money really being used and stretched to make the most of every donation for these pups. I really admire the dedication of the founder as well, it can't be easy starting something like this from scratch, especially with all the red tape involved. Rescues like this one really thrive when the community around them take a active part in doing what we can, be it money, cleaning supplies, toys, bowls etc. If you're not already involved in a rescue, you should consider this one. I know that in the future my company and I will certainly support this very worthy cause and the man behind the pups.

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